Business Lines


Pacifica has been a pioneer of development among foreign-capital companies in Japan for more than 20 years and has structured new forms of non-recourse financing to suit the needs of its co-investors. Recently, it has become a leader in the development of internationally-branded, limited services hotels. Pacifica’s hotel projects include both conversions of office buildings and warehouses, as well as new construction.

Asset Management

Pacifica performs active asset management both for its portfolio and select third-party clients. The Company’s extensive experience in financing, development, leasing and property management offers a broad perspective to finding creative ways of increasing operating income and maximizing liquidity.

Property Management

Pacifica performs property management in-house for its entire portfolio and some third-party assets. The Company has broad experience with urban and suburban properties, Tokyo and regional. For large properties, Pacifica can quickly assemble experienced teams to operate on-site for stable and rescue situations.


Pacifica’s advisory services to major global funds include the sourcing of acquisition opportunities; disposition; rescue asset and property management; due diligence, valuation and debt arrangement.

Renewable Energy

Taking advantage of Japan’s introduction of a feed-in tariff in 2011, Pacifica has developed several utility-scale solar plants around Japan, offering investors attractive and stable long-term cash flows through both equity and debt investments. Pacifica also conducts third-party asset management and debt arrangement for solar projects.

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